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Personal loan

Personal Loan

CLC COMMISSION SDN BHD, we work tightly with every customer to look for the best option in accordance with the purposes of each and every service provided. It has never been easier to find content that is great. Cooperate with us, we will do that work so that you do not need. Contact us now.

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Business Loan


Our commercial loans are designed to focus on the cash flow of your business. We make it easier for all business owners and self-employed people to obtain loan applications and approve fast loan plans. This gives you instant money to solve your cash hunger needs. We will be ready to expand your financial assistance to support your business or create a business idea. If you need to extra budget for your business operation support. we are also your reliable source of cash loans with lower interest rates.

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Are you looking for instant solutions? This service is probably what you are looking for. All of our services specifically tailored for each customer. For more information, please contact us, our professional consultant are happy to lend you a hand. 

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Eazy Loan Process


Choose your plan

(Personal or Business loan)


Apply and submit the document

(Online application, WhatsApp or call us for apply) 


Loan Approved


Get Your Money

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